Greater London has five different schemes in place:
The Congestion Charging Scheme (CS) (since February 2003), a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) (since 4th of February 2008), the London Lorry Control scheme (since 1985), the London Coaches scheme and the London Safer Lorry Scheme (since 1 September 2015).

A new, additional cost: the
Emissions Surcharge will be active from 23. October 2017 in the Congestion Charge area.

Dates and details

A new, additional cost: the Emissions Surcharge will be active from 23. October 2017 in the Congestion Charge area. Diesel and petrol vehicles that do not meet the Euro 4 emissions standard for NOx and PM will be charged an additional £10. 

Congestion charge and emissions surcharge :

07:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday.
No charge on weekends, public holidays, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day inclusive, or between 18:00 and 07:00.

Vehicles affected

Congestion Charge:

all vehicles except:

  • Vehicles with nine or more seats
  • Motor tricycles
  • Motor cycles
  • Vehicles used by disabled people
  • Ultra Low Emission Vehicles: electric vehicles or cars and vans that emit 75g/km or less of CO2 and meet the Euro 5 emission standard for air quality.

Emission Surcharge:

all four wheeled motorised vehicles not meeting the emission standard:

  • petrol and diesel minimum standard Euro 4 

motorised tricycles and quadricycles:

  • Euro 3

Options to travel into the city without a car.

Transport for London
Oyster Card

Congestion Charge

Depending on the payment method you choose, you pay from £10.50 to £14 a day.

Congestion Charge Auto Pay (CCAP) £10.50/day
This automated payment system will record the number of charging days a vehicle travels within the charging zone each month and bill your debit or credit card each month.

Pay in advance or by midnight on the day of travel £11.50/day
You can pay up to 90 days in advance. So, for example, you could pay for one day, a month or a year. Or you can pay after the journey on the day of travel.

By midnight the following charging day £14/day
You can only pay the following day online or by phone. If you travel on a Friday you have until midnight on the following Monday to pay.

To pay the charge go to the Transport for London website: Paying the Congestion Charge

Emissions Surcharge

Vehicle type (includes hybrid vehicles)

Minimum emission standard

Congestion Charge amount

Emission Surcharge amount (if emission standard not met)

Total daily payment (if emission standard not met)


Motorised tricycles and quadricycles

Euro 3

(£10.50 Auto Pay)


(£20.50 Auto Pay)

Cars, and small vans (under 1,205 tonnes unladen weight and 3.5 tonnes)

Euro 4

(£10.50 Auto Pay)


(£20.50 Auto Pay)

Vans (over 1,205 tonnes unladen and under 3,5 tonnes) and Minibuses (under 5 tonnes)*

Euro 4

(£10.50 Auto Pay)


(£20.50 Auto Pay)

Heavy goods vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes)

Euro 4

(£10.50 Auto Pay)


(£20.50 Auto Pay)

Coaches and buses (over 5 tonnes)

Euro 4




Vehicles registered for Residents' Discount

As above depending on your vehicle type

£1.05 (Auto Pay)


£2.05 (Auto Pay)

* Includes motorised caravans, motorised horse boxes, breakdown and recovery vehicles, private ambulances, motor hearses, dual purpose vehicles and other specialist types fitting the weight criteria

** Vehicles with nine or more seats are eligible for a 100 per cent discount from the Congestion Charge


Scheme Boundary
Congestion Charging Zone and Emissions Surcharge Zone cover the same area
map of London congestion charging zone
Orange area encircled by red dotted line: Central London congestion charging zone
Red dotted line: Congestion Charging zone boundary
Blue streets: main roads within charging zone
White streets: uncharged roads
For a more detailed map
For an interactive map (TfL's website)
To check the postcode (TfL's website)

Road Sign
Entering the charging zone:
Near or at the start of the zone, you'll see these signs, which also say when the zone operates.
Leaving the charging zone:
As you leave the congestion charging zone you'll see this sign showing the end of the zone.
London CS end of zone sign

Need to Register?
Unofficial websites are selling the Congestion Charge and can charge a premium on top of what you pay through our official online payment process. Please be aware of numerous websites and their misleading claims.

Please only buy from TfL Transoprt for London - the official site.

Details of how to pay
Pay the charge before entry, or latest midnight, 24:00 the day your vehicle enters the zone.
Possible ways to pay:

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