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From 01.10.2014 regulations apply for lorries with a diesel engine entering the Rotterdam industrial zone of Maasvlakte 1 and 2.
There is also a lorry ban in Rotterdam on `s-Gravendijkwal for lorries > 3.5 tonnes.
Rotterdam also has a Low Emission Zone in place.

As of October 2014, you may not enter the Maasvlakte area with a lorry (3.5 tonnes or over) fitted with a diesel engine, unless:

1. the diesel engine is Euro VI class
2. your lorry has been first registered before 1 January 2013 and is younger than 7 years.

The lorry ban on `s-Gravendijkwal applies to lorries > 3.5T.

Vehicles >3.5 tonnes

access restriction

Maasvlakte 1 and 2
Rotterdam map
key: striped area is the access regulation

Rotterdam map lorry ban
key: red street lorry ban

    Road Sign
Rotterdam road sign Rotterdam road sign

To access the Maasvlakte, all lorries must be registered, whether they meet the requirements or not. Registration is free. please register through this page.
Lorries with Dutch license plates, have been registered with the national RDW database and meet this requirement. At present, this option is not available for foreign license plates.
PLEASE NOTE: Registration is NOT the same as an exemption. A registered vehicle will need an exemption, if the vehicle does not meet on of the requirements above.

Foreign vehicles are enforced.

Permanent, 365 days a year.

With cameras viewing number plates.

95 Euros; owners of vehicles entering the Maasvlakte area without registration with the City of Rotterdam, will be fined: 340 Euros for private owners (non-incorporated) and 2,250 Euros for companies.

The fine for entering `s-Gravendijkwal without permission from 95€ plus an administration charge of 7€.



If you need to access the Maasvlakte area (1, 2 or both), with a diesel truck that does not meet the requirements, an exemption may be granted in a number of cases:

Exemptions for ‘special vehicles’
A limited number of vehicle categories are allowed access to the Maasvlakte areas if the vehicles are no older than 13 years, counting from their first admission to the EU. In this case, the Euro classification is not a factor.

For this purpose, the City of Rotterdam copies the terminology from the Vehicles Database (BRV) of the Government Road Transport Agency (RDW):

Armoured vehicles, fire engines, recovery vehicles, service lorries, cleansing vehicles, drain suction vehicles, aerial access platform vehicles, tow lorries, lorries with heavy loading cranes, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, tractors with 4 or more axles, vehicles for exceptional transport and other special vehicles.
Please see Article 2 of the 2014 ‘Maasvlakte Euro VI Traffic Decree Exemptions Decree' on page 2.

You may apply for twelve exemptions for a vehicle per (calendar) year. An exemption is valid for one entire day (from 0:00 through 23:59 o’clock). In this case, there are no special requirements concerning Euro classification or vehicle age. Exemptions may be applied for within two weeks of the desired date of access.

Unforeseen circumstances with disproportionate consequences
Article 5 of the Traffic Exemptions Decree allows the City of Rotterdam to issue a special exemption for a maximum of 26 weeks at once. This is possible in unforeseen circumstances with disproportionate consequences.

These special exemptions are meant for extraordinary situations, such as one-off construction activity requiring large numbers of vehicles in a short period of time, not covered by the exceptions described above. Businesses who can prove to suffer disproportionally from the access requirements, may also apply for such a special exemption.

Exemptions are available through the Rotterdam Port Authority website.

Lorry ban `s-Gravendijkwal:
Lorries that are 100% electric will be exempt from the ban. They can enter without applying for an exemption.
The following vehicles will be exempt from the ban at all times: emergency service vehicles (fire brigade, police vehicles) and those vehicles carrying out duties required by law (waste collection vehicles, salt preaders/gritters and sewage-cleaning vehicles).
Residents can apply for an exemption if they need lorry access to the area on one particular day (when moving house, for example) or over a longer period of time (due to building and renovation work, for example). You can apply for an exemption using your DigiD or eHerkenning.

N15 Maasvlakte; vrachtautoverbod `s-Gravendijkwal

If you need more information about this regulation and your specific situation, please contact the Rotterdam Port Authority website
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