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Salzburg has installed an access regulation for part of the historic center.
The access regulation is enforced with rectable bollards.

All vehicles

This leaflet gives you all details how to enter the city without car.

Salzburg map
green dots: access for authorized vehicles
yellow dots: no access outside of the delivery time frame
red dots: no access at all

    Road Sign
Road sign Vienna

If you need to enter the city center and you have a specific reason to do so (delivery, moving, ...) go to this website: Strassenpolizeiliche Ausnahmen

Yes, are affected.

Monday to Saturday from 11:00 - 06:00.

With rectable bollards.
Do not try to access the scheme without a key - the bollards can rise up and damage your car, and you will have to pay for the bollard, too (up to 8000€)

Residents are allowed to enter outside the shopping hours.
Delivery services, police, fire brigade, ambulance and taxis are allowed to enter, too. All of them need either a remote control for the bollards or a key.

Loading and unloading is allowed for authorized vehicles only.
If you need to enter the city center for delivery: Strassenpolizeiliche Ausnahmen.

Schutzsystem für Salzburgs Altstadt

Leaflet about P&R and public transport
Austrian stickers

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