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Rotterdam has a LEZ in place.
Rotterdam also has an access regulation in place called Rotterdam - AR.

All cities in the Netherlands that have a Low Emission Zone have one thing in common:

  • minimum standard for lorries > 3.5T is Euro 4

Low Emission Zones in the Netherlands

Which citiy enforces what kind of vehicle?



need to be built after:

Delivery vans

need to be built after:

Diesel taxis, mopeds, buses and coaches, camper vans (M1) need to be built after:

Lorries >3.5t

Amsterdam until 2020




Diesel taxis 1-1-2009

Mopeds 1-1-2011

Buses and coaches 1-1-2005

Camper vans 1-1-2000



Diesel Euro 4


Amsterdam from 2020

Standard will be tightened


From 1-1-2019 on: Diesel

Euro 4



Diesel Euro 4









Den Haag













Petrol 1-1-1990

Diesel 1-1-2006

Mopeds might be affected too in the future






Petrol 1-7-1992 (not enforced at the moment)

Diesel 1-1-2001











Diesel 1-1-2001

Campervans <3.5t 1-1-2001

More information on Euro standards.

Lorries >3.5t, cars and delivery vans.

low emission zone

Rotterdam Low Emission Zone
blue shaded area is the LEZ
For a Rotterdam city Website
more detailed map, please see Rotterdam city website's interactive map (opens in a new window)

    Road Sign
The Dutch LEZ signs are:

You are approaching an LEZ: You are entering an LEZ: You are leaving an LEZ
Dutch approaching LEZ sign Dutch Entering LEZ sign Dutch leaving LEZ sign


Road signs for light duty LEZs:
Dutch light duty vehicle low emission zone


No registration needed, information is taken from the Dutch national vehicle register

Foreign vehicles are affected

Permanent, 365 days a year

With cameras viewing number plates.

€230 fine for lorries.
90€ fine for other vehicle types, 95€ after 1.1.2018

A National LEZ Covenant signed by Dutch government, municipalities and other stakeholders, whereby all Low Emissions Zones in the Netherlands apply the same Euro standards, as outlined above for lorries.
The national scheme also allows for LEZs applied to light duty vehicles <3.5T from 2013. The cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht have light duty LEZs in operation or about to be in operation


A zipped file with a list of all cities, streets and postcodes of all Dutch LEZ cities (zipped excel list, 1.4MB), last updated 25/11/15. There can be no rights derived from this list.
National website:
A summary of the impacts of LEZs in the Netherlands can be found on our webpage on the Netherlands air quality impacts page.

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