Access Regulation (ZTL) Centrale concerns an important part of the historic centre: ZTL Romana, Public transport ZTL and Pedestrian ZTL. Outside of ZTL Centrale there is ZTL Valentino.
From 13 March 2015 to 30 June 2016 there is also the "ZTL tourist bus" (bus turistici) in place.

There is also an LEZ in place in Torino.

Dates and details
Vehicles are not allowed to enter the ZTLs at certain times.
M3 (buses with more than 8 seats plus driver's seat and more than 5 tonnes can enter the "ZTL tourist bus" only with a permission.

Vehicles affected
All vehicles except mopeds, motorcycles; mopeds, motorcycles can't enter the public transport ZTL. Pedestrian ZTL and via Rossini e in via Pietro Micca.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles can circulate freely and for free in the ZTL of Torino. Go here to get registered and to get a permit if you are a resident of Torino. If not go here.

Type of restriction
access regulation

Alternative transport

Scheme Boundary

access regulation ZTL Torino Italykey:

green line is the boundary of the ZTL

red dotted line: ZTL Area Romana

yellow shaded area: ZTL pedestian

purple shaded area: ZTL public transport

Road Sign
Has signs similar to this, a banned vehicle sign with the requirements below:
road sign Italy road sign Italy

Need to Register?
Yes, it is necessary to get registered.
You can call this phone number: 011 44 29035, Monday-Thursday 14:00 - 16:00.
For a permit you have go to the office of the municipality (Ufficio Permessi di Circolazione della Città di Torino, via Cavour 29/a angolo via Accademia Albertina) with all the documentation.
The vehicle must be at least Euro 3, or electric, hybrid or LPG (mono or bi-fuel). Permits are free for newly registered electric vehicles, or plug in hybrid vehicles with CO2 emissions ≤120 g/Km (otherwise cost around 120€).
You can find all information (in Italian) at this link: Torino's Central ZTL page

ZTL tourist bus: from July 28, 2015 on is a new permit with a three-month validity costing € 150,00 available for purchase here. From 1 July 2016 on no permit is needed anymore.

Foreign vehicles affected?
Are enforced

Hours of operation
Central ZTL: Monday to Friday 07:30 - 10:30
ZTL area Romana: every day 21:00 - 07:30
Piazza Emanuele Filiberto: every day 19:30 - 07:30
Public transport ZTL: every day 07:00 - 21:00
Pedestrian ZTL: every day 00:00 - 24:00
Valentino ZTL: every day 00:00 - 24:00
ZTL tourist bus: daily 00:00 - 12:00


National Scheme
There is currently no Italian national scheme, but regional as well as individual city schemes.

National exemptions for all ZTL:
Categories stated by law: public transport, vehicles for disabled people with a registered disabled persons badge.

Specific exemptions:
Resident’s vehicles, private car park owners, public utilities, hotel guests, vehicles owned by shops or companies inside the ZTL, delivery goods, car sharing, home care, visiting doctors, night-time surveillance, artisans, funeral company, voluntary organizations.

Local exemptions:
We focus on our website on information for people from outside of town. There are also exemptions for local residents, businesses and other operators. Go to the website Accessibilita à centri storici for more detailed information, in Italian.

Tourists who have their hotel in the ZTL are advised to talk to the hotel about the ZTL, to avoid fines.

Special exemptions may be granted, if there is an important need to enter the ZTL when it is in operation. For example loading / unloading, couriers, commercial activities etc. Talk to the local police about it, contact details below.


Local name for the scheme
Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL) or Limitazioni della circolazione, the general name for all access regulation schemes, also used for Low Emission Zones.

Further Information

ZTL Torino
Bus turistici information
ZTL bus turistici

City website

Torino city website

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