Does your work involve improving the environment or traffic in your city or ministry?
Are you operating, planning, considering, investigating a Low Emission Zone, Congestion Charging, urban road user charging, access regulation, vehicle access restriction, lorry ban etc?
Then the CLARS Platform is for you.


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What we provide on Access Regulations for cities
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Who we are
Submitting information for the public website

What we provide on Access Regulations for cities
Access Regulations are an increasingly important urban tool, for congestion, air pollution, noise and life quality. They can also help towards the EU goal of no conventionally fuelled vehicles in cities by 2050 and no conventionally fuelled logistics in 2030; as well as the EU air quality Limit Values.

CLARS (Charging, Low Emission Zones, other Access Regulation Schemes) membership supports public authorities with Access Regulations.

We also provide a key resource for the public, providing a comprehensive, neutral, single information source of Urban Access Regulations on the web, with all the information vehicle drivers and operators need. For cities, the public website provides a key part of your information dissemination for your Freedom of Movement responsibilities.

We provide best practice and experience of other cities to make schemes more successful and easier to implement.

The FREE CLARS Public Authority Membership provides access to:
1) A wealth of relevant information, guidance, advice, links and more
2) Periodic emails with ARS-focused news, updates and issues you should be aware of.
4) Looking to have ARS in ITS (Satellite Navigation, Apps etc), to help both cities and drivers with compliance rates.

Since 1.1.18 we are operating without EU funding, so we need to cover our costs, so:

CLARS Plus Membership provides (1,500€ per year) additional:
5) Ask questions on of the secretariat and other members.
6) A forum to ask questions, discuss issues, post information
7) Other actions, eg Cross-Border Enforcement Working Group, Consultations....
8) Supporting CLARS financially, to enable it to continue spreading information around Europe, and helping meet your EU Freedom of Movement Requirements

Our extensive members website includes:

  • EU guidances and reports on LEZs and Access Regulations
  • Collated overview reports, including the Sadler Consultants Low Emission Zones in Europe for ADEME Report,
  • Support to set up or investigate schemes
  • Best Practice support
  • Scheme Impacts
  • Case studies and feasibility studies
  • Euro VI/6 & real world emissions tests
  • Foriegn vehicle enforcement
  • Cleaner Construction Schemes
  • and much more!

The website is in English, with automatic translation that may be able to help you. Between us the secretariat can speak, read and write English, German and French.

We can also help you provide information on LEZ or traffic schemes in different languages. Link to the relevant page on our website (eg, and the information is available in every European language.

If you are interested in membership, please register with us, using the register button on this page. Please forward this to other colleagues working on both environment and transport issues that might be interested.

As Membership is only available to public authorities, so we review and approve registrations. We will approve registrations as quickly as possible, but please allow a few days before you receive details on how to access the members website and secretariat.

For information on CLARS PLUS membership, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Who we are

The Platform is run by Lucy Sadler, with over 20 years experience in air quality, including as the head of air quality for the city of London and 15 years experience of Low Emission Zones.

Any queries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., details below. A leaflet pdf about membership can be downloaded here for further dissemination.

You may also be interested in the CIVITAS e-course on Urban Access Regulations freely available for all. Please have a look!

 Submitting information for the public website

If you have information on a scheme that should be included on the public website, please download a template to fill in here and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If possible, please fill the template in in English, the main language of the website. However, the template can also be translated with our translator, and filled in in your own language.

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