Geneva and Stick'AIR

From 15 January 2020, during an air pollution peak, any motorized vehicle not displaying a Stick'AIR sticker corresponding to one of the authorized categories will be temporarily prohibited from circulating in the center of the Canton of Geneva. 

Air pollution is a major threat to health, affecting in particular the elderly, the sick and babies.

To fight this more effectively, the Canton of Geneva is introducing a new emergency scheme in the case of an air pollution peak.

This has never been done in Switzerland before: differentiated traffic within a temporary low emission zone. Accordingly, as from 15 January 2020, whenever an increase in air pollution is observed or forecast, vehicles with the most adverse impact on air quality will be banned from circulating in the central Geneva urban area between the hours of 06:00 and 22:00.

This restriction will be lifted once air quality returns to normal. This measure is based on the identification of the environmental performance of vehicles by means of a Stick'AIR sticker available in 6 different categories.

French Crit'Air stickers are accepted in Geneva and the other way around.

From December 2019, the Stick'AIR sticker will be on sale for CHF5 at the Office Cantonal des Véhicules. Other points of sale will be added in 2020. In addition, the French Crit'Air sticker, with equivalent requirements and the same numbering system, will also be valid within the Canton of Geneva. 

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