The urban road tolling schemes in Europe are summarised in the below, alphabetically by country.

We also list the different enforcement methods at the end of the table.

You can also search for Road Tolling Schemes by city and country on our Quick Guide, on our map as the red dots, or through the top menus and country pages.



Vehicles affected


Do I have to register?


Milan Area C

All vehicles, except motorcycle

2 - 5€ / day

You need to pay if you enter the area, before or shortly after.

Italy Palermo ZTL All vehicles, except motorcycles 5€ / day; annual & monthly avaialble Yes, permits need to be bought before entering,



All vehicles, except motorcycle

0.82€ - 6.52€ /day

Bill will be sent out automatically if not registered.


For the charging schemes in: Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansand, Namsos, Oslo, Stavanger, Tonsberg, Trondheim, integrated into the national motorway/main road toll scheme

All vehicles

1.20  - 6 €/day

Bill will be sent out automatically if not registered.


Goteborg charging scheme

All vehicles, except motorcycles

1.10 - 2.20€/day

Bill automatically sent to the registered owner, if not registered for automatic payments.


Stockholm charging scheme

All vehicles, except motorcycles

1.10 - 6.60€ /day

United Kingdom, UK Dartford M25 Crossing All vehicles, except motorcycles, mopeds & quads 1.90 - 6.90 € /crossing You must pay in advance or by midnight the day after crossing by several methods.

United Kingdom, UK

Durham charging scheme

All vehicles, except m/cycles & >9 seats

2.50 € /day

You pay at entry gates of the zone.

United Kingdom, UK

London charging scheme

All vehicles, except m/cycles & >9 seats

13-17 € /day

You need to pay for entry, at the latest by the end of the day when you entered, or you are charged an additional penalty.

United Kingdom, UK Mersey / Liverpool river crossings All vehicles 1.50 - 10 € Pay to cross the three river crossings within the urban area

In addition to the congestion charging, Milan and Palermo has a combined low emission zone, ZTL and charging scheme, where you need to buy an annual or daily permit, which older vehicles either do not receive, or are charged more.


Enforcement methods:

Milan Area C, Valetta, London, DartfordGoteborgStockholm, Palermo urban road charging schemes are enforced with cameras viewing the number plate. 

Norway (Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansand, Namsos, Stavanger, Tonsberg, Trondheim) schemes are enforced with transponders, the same as are used for the motorway toll system.

Durham congestion charge is enforced by a payment booth at the entry of the scheme.

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