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Vehicles affected


Do I have to register?

Austria Salzburg - AR All An access regulation for part of the historic centre, enforced with rising bollards. Yes, get permit


Gent - AR All A very large pedestrian zone, but where loading is allowed at certain times. Yes, get permit.


Sofia - AR

> 4T

At certain times vehicles over 4T or over 15T are not allowed to enter the city centre.


Czech Republic

Brno - AR



Organization of transport in the central area of ​​the historic city centre.

Yes, get permit.

Praha (Prague) - AR


>3.5T, >6T,

Prague currently operates a ban affecting all vehicles over 3.5T, and a ban in a wider area over 6 and 12 tonnes. There are emissions standards required for permits.

Yes, get permit.

Praha (Prague) Coaches

Coaches, tour buses

Entry ban for buses in the historical centre of Prague.
A parking ban for buses (except the designated parking areas) in the 6T zone.

Yes, get permit.


Helsinki - AR


> 12 meters

Lorries over 12m length need a permit.

Yes, get licence.


Grenoble emergency measure


There is a low emission zone during high pollution episodes Yes, get a sticker
Lyon emergency measure All There is a low emission zone, and / or an odd-even number plate scheme during high pollution episodes Yes, get a sticker
Paris - emergency measure All During high pollution episodes the low emission zone is tightened No
Paris - AR HGV > 7.5T During certain times vehicles over 7.5T are not allowed to enter Paris. Yes, get permit.









München (Munich)






HGV >3.5T

Transit ban for lorries.



Budapest - AR



No vehicular traffic at all in protected zones = historical sites or recreational green sites.
In restricted zones heavy duty vehicles need an entry permit. Cost is based on total weight and vehicle emissions.

Yes, get permit.

Ireland Dublin 5 or more axels Restriction for lorries with 5+ axels in a cordon area Yes, get permit

There are over 200 Italian ARs, and have included here only the major cities. Please see our Italy page for all the Italian ZTLs.

Bologna - AR


The Limited Traffic Zone of the Historical Centre (ZTL), is a wide area within the historic centre of Bologna. The ZTL includes the ZTL T AREA and Universita which have more restrictive times.

Yes, give notice.

Genova - AR



There are 8 ZTL : Centro Storico, Boccadasse, Bolzaneto, Castelletto, Molo, Nervi, Rivarolo and Vernazzola.

Yes, get registered.

Milano - AR



There are several ZTL in Milan. The most important ones are Area C, ZTL Navigli and Public Transport.

Yes, get permit.

Napoli - AR



There are 8 ZTL: ZTL Centro Antico, ZTL di Mezzocannone, ZTL Piazza del Gesù, ZTL Morelli, Filangieri, Mille, ZTL Belledonne, Martiri, Poerio, ZTL di Tarsia Pignasecca Dante, ZTL Serena, ZTL Chia.

Yes, get registered.

Palermo - AR



There are 2 ZTL: Via Maqueda and Historical Markets. They now operate as a combined low emission zone, ZTL and charging scheme, as you need to buy an annual or daily permit

Yes, buy a permit.

Rome - AR



There are 5 different schemes in operation in Rome:
City Centre (night and day), covering the main centre of Rome.
The ZTL of Trastevere (night and day), San Lorenzo (night) and Testaccio (night) are for smaller areas just outside the main centre.

Yes, get registered.

Torino - AR



ZTL Centrale concerns an important part of the historic centre, ZTL Romana, Public transport ZTL and pedestrian ZTL. Outside of ZTL Centrale is Valentino ZTL.

Yes, get registered.


Riga - AR


Vehicle free area in the Old Town of Riga.


Riga Weight R



Vehicles over 5T are only allowed during specified time intervals on specified streets in Riga.


Netherlands Rotterdam - AR >3.5T Restrictions apply to lorries with a diesel engine entering the Rotterdam industrial zone of Maasvlakte 1 and 2. Yes, get registered.
Norway Bergen emergency measure All During high pollution episodes either odd and even number plate vehicles, or diesel vehicles are banned No
Oslo emergency measure Diesel vehicles During high pollution episodes, can either pre-Euro 6 diesel or odd and even number plate vehicles banned No


Kraków - AR



A large organised parking system.


Lodz - AR



Generally traffic is banned on Piotrkowska street. Permit available.

Yes, get permit.

Poznań (Poznan) - AR


Lorries > 3.5T

Restriction for lorries over 3.5T, 10T and 16T to enter city centre of Poznan.

Yes, get permit.

Warsawa - AR



Lorries over 5T need permits.
Lorries over 16T are allowed entry at certain times.

Yes, get permit.

Wroclaw - AR


Freight > 9T

Access regulations for vehicles over 9T.

Yes, get permit.


Bucuresti - AR

> 5T

Vehicles over 5T can only enter the centre at certain time and only with a permit. There is zone A and zone B. The cost of the permit depends on the zone and the weight of the vehicle.

Yes, get permit.

Slovenia Ljubljana - AR All Covers 21 streets in the historic centre Yes, get permit


Barcelona - AR



Access to the pedestrian zone is regulated with pylons and by a central control unit.

Superblock scheme that keeps traffic out of a defined set of basic roads.These form a polygon or inner area, and contain within them a public space geared toward the citizen

Yes, get registered.

Madrid - AR


All except motorcycles

There are several access regulated areas in Madrid. Priority for residents and pedestrians.


Madrid - Weight R


> 12T

For lorries over 12 tonnes no access on weekdays between 07:00 and 23:00 and on Sundays and holidays 00:00 – 24:00.

Yes, get permit.

Madrid - odd even All During high pollution episodes odd and even number plate vehicles banned No
Vitoria Gasteiz - AR All Measure to calm down traffic in so called superblocks by keeping transit traffic out of them Yes
Switzerland Car free resorts All A number of mountain resorts are not accessible to cars No


London Coaches - AR


Some London Boroughs have ‘Coach Ban Areas’ to protect residents from the impact of coaches on unsuitable streets. Announced by road signs.

Yes, get permit.

London Lorry Control

> 18T gross weight

The London Lorry Control Scheme is often mistakenly referred to as the Lorry Ban. Restrictions are in place on the use of heavy goods vehicles to help minimise noise pollution in residential areas during unsocial hours through restricted use of these roads. The Lorry Control Scheme takes the form of controls on the movement of any heavy goods vehicles over 18T maximum gross weight at night and weekends.

Yes, free registration.

London Safer Lorries >3.5T >3.5T must fit side-guards and Class V and Class VI close-proximity mirrors No

Reading - AR


This ARS (Access Restriction Scheme) denies certain vehicles access to the city centre at certain times.

Yes, get registered.


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